As a Realtor® I need closure, so what the hell am I doing.....

That’s what you get I suppose. Spending too much time online it was bound to happen. Certainly growing up surrounded by it, I really never stood a chance. So here I go….all in.
As I prepare the launch of my new real estate brand and opening the new office location, I can’t help but taking a step back realizing how fortunate I am to have been given the support and confidence of family and friends throughout the community. On both a professional and personal level, the passion I have working in real estate is hard to explain, but the journey thus far has been nothing short of inspirational. Of course there are nerves and frustrations, long hours and endless to do lists, but the mere chance to continue on this path excites every part of me. I am truly thankful for my team that has been with me at every turn in preparation for this, and will be forever grateful for their support. The only certainty at this moment, is that in spite of all the long hours and constant challenges, there is nothing I would rather do. So let me just take a brief moment to send out a heartfelt thank you everyone that has made this possible. Please stay tuned as  the craziness begins…..I can hardly wait.

- Brandon Vanderschot