Catching Up!

I know, I know……….where have I been? Don’t worry, I am back! After a few very busy, and interesting days I had a moment I could sit down and jog out a few lines for your reading pleasure. So where exactly have I been?

Simple answer is busy, but doing what exactly? Well just to start Brenna captured an awesome new listing over at 1014 2nd Ave E, in Owen Sound  Whenever you have a commercial property for sale, especially in Owen Sound, you always have to get a little creative and think outside of the box. With this particular property, formerly the Kornblums storefront, we had the curveball of smoke damage throughout. As always we are up for the challenge, and had a pile of fun photographing it, and have been absolutely overwhelmed with the response. I can’t tell you anymore at this time, but stay tuned to see how it goes!

We also snapped up a new listing on Concession 3A in Chatsworth. Not commercial, but one of the most serendipitous retreats I have ever seen for sale in Grey and Bruce Counties. Just to top that off the owner has allowed us the opportunity to use his RTV to tour the full 100 acres lined with almost 8 km of trails (thanks Doug!!). Stay tuned and watch for our marketing to get some more sneak peaks of the property, or check out the link here: 457137 Concession 3A for Sale.

Not to tip our hats, but we also have another 2 listings coming shortly. In the interest of both I will hesitate to release details, but I can tell you that one home is in Owen Sound, and another in Tara. If you were to track myself or Brenna down at the office, we may be able to leak you a few further details but that is all I can release in this blog!

To sum up all the madness? It has been busy, and we’re are extremely excited for the spring. If you are considering making a move this year, let’s get in touch, and discuss how to achieve your real estate goals. If you are thinking of selling, I also recommend our Home Selling Tool!

-Chat Soon