Where has the time gone?!

  1. As I sit here waiting to write my exam for “Principals Of Appraisal” I can’t help but look back over my real estate career and wonder… Where has the time gone? It has now been more than 10 years since I popped my head up from my 60+ hrs a week job as a Sr. Project Manager and vaguely recognised the weird and wonderful people living in my house. They assured me they were family but I was not so sure…. Clearly it was time for a change!

I needed to find a career that allowed for more flexibility, connecting with my community and reconnecting with my family. The solution, Real Estate! Don’t get me wrong there are still long hours involved but now I REALLY love what I do. The pure joy on my clients faces when they realise they can afford that beautiful Tobermory cottage, or when we get an amazing deal on the perfect retirement home in Owen Sound and surrounding area tells me I made the right choice. 

As a cherry on top; I was better able to discover all the beautiful wonders Grey and Bruce counties had to offer with my family and clients. From picnics at Hibou Conservation area, hiking The Bruce Trail, to taking in the wonders of Inglis Falls I began to realize how spoiled we are here in our community. Where else can you close a deal for a 100 acre farm in the morning and still have time to kayak at Big Tub Light House as the sun goes down on another beautiful day on the Peninsula?! 

Is real estate right for you? Only you can decide. I for one will never look back and question if I made the right choice…