Talk about competition.....outside of Real Estate

I want to talk about hockey...just for a little bit, because for the first time in years, I am watching about as much playoff hockey as I can stream. Personally for me, it’s our local Owen Sound Attack (#redrising), the Toronto Maple Leafs, although not off to the best start, it’s not uncommon to see massive play changes from game to game (Philly anyone?), and of course the history-making Vegas Golden Knights (continuing their winning ways into the post season). First off let’s talk about the Attack. Yes we are going into Sunday’s game in a “do or die” situation with the series at 3 games to 2 in favour of the Hounds, but I have to say I am proud of the fact that the Attack have been battling a goliath of sorts opponent whom only dropped 7 games to opponents this season with a final record of 55-7-0-6 while the Attack 38-22-0-8 saw a vastly different season. Anytime the Attack play in any post-season game the building is always electric, and you can bet the team feels it!

Now as for the Leafs, although I am a born and bred Leafs fan (I know there are more out there like me) this has been one of the biggest hyped events of the season. I think ever since the winter classic Leafs fans near and abroad have been calling for the cup. Just to notch up the excitement they of course are playing in one of the arguably best rivalries in the league against the Boston Bruins. Let’s hope they can get the series tied up tonight at 8, as we prepare for another night of fast paced, heavy hitting play.

Now for the history breaking Knights. The story of this team starts at the beginning of the season and the incredible odds that were placed against them. Not to mention the horrible tragedy that brought an entire nation together in support, and truly proved the metal of the residents of Las Vegas. After an incredible season, although original plagued by doubters, has turned into the Cinderella story of the NHL organization, and it’s easiest to see why before they even hit the ice. Last night in their second playoff game against the Los Angeles Kings it played a clip of both Los Angeles, and Las Vegas leaving their dressing room for the ice, and within that 5 second clip was 2 very different atmospheres. The Las Vegas Golden Knights, similar to what you were seeing during the game were very happy and excited to be there, and it’s easy to think why, just over a season ago they were largely 3rd and 4th line players who were told they would be on an expansion team list. Los Angeles on the other hand was strictly business, the feel of their shots were low energy as the walked towards the ice with very few of them smiling. Then we watched Las Vegas keep them on their heels all night long, and what a team to watch.

Although I am born and bred a Leafs fan, I have to say that the VGK and LAK series has to be the most exciting to watch. I love my local team, and of course am a life long supporter of the Leafs, but it is truly incredible to watch a team like VGK play with such passion. If you haven’t caught a game yet, I highly recommend it.

Chat Soon and Happy Playoffs,