Answering questions….

So I know this real estate market has a lot of people asking, what’s going on? It seems with all the conflicting news, rapid developments in the lending regulations, and local markets in uncharted territories, people are more confused than ever of what to do and what their first steps should be. In an effort to bring some much needed discipline my first advise would be to take a deep breath and lets get some perspective. What are home prices doing? Are they going to keep going up or are the current markets simply a bubble waiting to burst? Although no one knows for sure, these are just some of the many questions we get asked on a daily basis.

So let’s get the conversation going and create a forum where we can address some of the things you’ve always wanted to ask about the real estate markets. It’s pretty simple, just grab your laptop, tablet, or phone, and grab a seat. Over a coffee if you’d like, but let’s just chat.

So please, use any one of these forums or tools, and just simply strings, no sales pitches!

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