Expecting Goblins?

With Halloween fast approaching it’s time to prepare for all of the wee ghosts, goblins, princesses and action figures that will be making their way around the neighbourhoods in search of goodies. These little characters will be wearing costumes with wigs, capes, masks and armour - travelling at high speeds - and carrying large loot bags… all of which are exciting but potentially distracting where safety is concerned.

Sooo, it’s our job to help them experience this night in the safest way possible. We can do this in a variety of ways. Make sure your walkway and doorstep are well lit. Replace your bulbs and maybe even add a few lights on the way up the driveway. If you have a display on your lawn, make sure it has good lighting - we know kids love to take short cuts and we don’t want them to trip over your carefully crafted display. Keep your walkways as clear as possible by removing things they could trip on… de-clutter! I know, we like saying that a lot in real estate. And bring your pets inside, for your pets piece of mind and the safety of the children. Also, keep jack-o-lanterns with real candles away from the step, well away from costumes and decorations - better yet, use a candle with a battery or a glow stick inside.

Let’s light it up for the kids and have a safe and Happy Halloween!

- Lisa