A glass half full.

So is it just me, or is anyone else asking what the hell just happened? Not only it seems has the past year flown by in record time, but the chaos and breakneck speed at which things are changing it just plain dizzying. I think its safe to say most would agree, the past year has been unlike anything most of us have ever seen, or quiet honestly, could have imagined. News, both quality reporting, and the newly coined, “fake news”, has come at us through various mediums and from all angles. 

Though it may be viewed with skepticism, it has shaped the way we perceive and react to the happenings around us. The old adage of "where there is smoke there is fire"' certainly seems to stand true, as too many times we watched morsels of gossip morph into full blown scandals. I know we’ve had troubling reports of late regarding layoffs, plant closures, and to believe our politicians, the state of our nation in a precarious predicament due to the low price of our national resources. 

So where does all of this leave us? Well for one thing, optimistic…..As with any free market economy, our ability to respond and adapt has been the key to success and sustainability. The historic plant closures, provide a needed influx of people into the workforce which currently has some of the strongest demand for skilled trades. The properties themselves offer opportunities for redevelopment and repurposing. New communities and housing will transform abandoned factories, and a thriving neighbourhood will again stand in the wake as the inevitable rejuvenation begins. The current pressures on oil prices will force us to look at efficiencies and create new opportunities for upstarts not even on the radar yet. 

The thing is, we live in a society where capitalism is alive and well. Although it may not always seem like it’s in the best interests of all, it’s is the very core of our success. The inevitable cycles must be allowed to happen, and regardless of political tampering and interference, will do what they have always done to adapt. True leadership must recognize this and have the fortitude to step aside, allowing the natural ebbs and flows of a free democracy their inherit rights. While none of this is without some pain and sacrifice, I for one remain optimistic about the exciting times and opportunities ahead for those ready to take on the challenges. 

Just my thoughts. Let me know yours....

Chat Soon,