Christmas....The perfect time to sell

I know, I know….selling is probably the last thing on your mind right now….Back off and I’ll deal with it in the spring probably seems more in touch with reality. 

What is often seen as chaos of family get togethers and holiday celebrations, can also serve as the perfect motivation for those considering a sale in the upcoming year. Though it may be difficult to see in the midst of all the activity, the preparations and decorating done in anticipation of welcoming family and friends into our homes is exactly what we need to doing in preparation for potential sales. Cleaning, decluttering, possibly a fresh coat of paint. The realities are that staging a home is no longer just a suggestion, but necessary for maximizing your highest possible sale price. In home consultations are just a part of what we do as standard services for our clients. 

As always, I’d be happy to discuss any potential business but in the meantime, enjoy your holidays and truly enjoy and appreciate the real value of home and family.

Chat soon,