Political Correctness Aside

Using the platforms the day, and under the guise of political correctness and inclusion for all, in this day and age it’s becoming increasingly difficult to state the obvious. As we have all spent the last few years observing, the world has become an increasingly sensitive, selfishly centred, and polarized camps of factions all claiming to represent the interests of the silent majority. And for those that follow the trends, history repeating itself seems inevitable. Instability and radical thinking has been a part of the human race for as long as we have walked the earth, and yet we seem destined to repeat our past behaviours. But, at the risk of stepping on a few toes and possibly offending a few, I’m going to state something which only recently caused an uproar. Something so blatantly obvious to anyone living in Owen Sound, or the Grey Bruce areas that was brave enough to venture outside the last week or so can attest.

So save the negative comments and know that I mean no offence, but damn, baby it’s cold outside.

Chat Soon,