The G.O.A.T

Did you catch the AFC Championship just a few nights ago? Did you see Tom Brady absolutely command every movement his team made on the offence, and clinically execute a 13 play, 75 yard run to complete an overtime win that closely resembled the Superbowl win vs the Falcons in 2017. Regardless of your interest in football (personally, I watch a handful games a year), that was an absolutely riveting game. Not that any of this is new to the Patriots, but Tom Brady’s personal mantra of “still here” was resounded yet again, to this dismay of the many critics of their less than perfect season. To call it inspiring would be an understatement.

So what is the recipe that builds incredible moments like this? Personally, I believe it came down to 2 people, and I am sure you won’t be surprised to know I am thinking of Belichick & Brady. These are 2 gentleman who are individually creative, talented, and bear incredible leadership traits that help them push their teams to new heights, all while leaving jaws on the floor in the aftermath. Combined with a “Do Your Job” mantra, and a culture of winning, this team is never considered the underdogs, and have become a mainstay at the Superbowl.

So how do we relate this to real estate? Or any business for that matter? Simply stated, it comes down to the work ethic and the culture shared with your team. What is it that has Tom Brady, at 41 years old, on the road to his 9th Superbowl (more than some franchises…)? Brady, in spite oh his enormous success, is known to be the hardest worker in the room, and also one of the most humble. He has become famous for his introductions to the rookies at camp every year, and relentless pursuit of his fifth ring. On a personal level I see him a tremendous inspiration, and know there are many lessons to be learned from this dynasty. I wish him and his team the all the best and good luck as they continue in pursuit of his 9th final.

Go Pats go & Chat Soon,