An evening at the Roxy

 It has been said that the theatre dies every night, only to be reborn each day, for it exists whenever actors perform before an audience. As historian Oscar C Brockett noted, once the performance has ended, it cannot be precisely recaptured. It exists only in those moments of live performance, and lives only in the memories of those who were there to witness it. 

As a long time supporter of the Owen Sound Little Theatre, it gives me a great sense of pride to be part of a community group, who on a regular basis, present such outstanding productions and performances. Upholding to its mission, our local Owen Sound Little Theatre, has once again brought us a diversely rich selection of plays and performances that not only expand our horizons, but hold a mirror to our sense of individuality. Dealing with the basic aspects of our everyday lives, the theatre in many ways can help us relax, have fun, shock us, or perhaps have us reflect on a serious issue. So as we get deeper into the clutches of winter, take some time to look up our local theatre group here in Owen Sound at the Roxy. What better opportunity is there for us to be completely transformed and share our emotional experiences while broadening our horizons. The time is now, go see a play.

See you at the theatre,

- Brandon