Is that you Spring?

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the feeling of Spring is in the air. Of course, this makes me want to jump into that Spring Fling mode. We all know Spring means the start of BBQs on the deck with a beer or wine in hand, and good friends to enjoy it with. OH and don’t forget T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops too....remember those? No more bulky coats or boots to put on. YAY!! 

Grey and Bruce County has always been beautiful but I think it truly shows best in the summer. Heading to our beaches, campgrounds, caves, many places in the North to see beautiful blend water and rock. Not to be forgotten, the many trails to walk with fantastic scenery throughout the county. My personal favourite is to head off camping where it is peaceful or a great jamboree (not so peaceful but truly good fun). I am looking forward to no TV, just sitting by a campfire, gazing at the many stars in our dazzling skies, (of course with a beer or wine in hand), or listening to the tunes of the jamboree bands. No better way to enjoy a summer! 

- Laurie