Alert,...Alert...A Closure is Coming.(AKA, 10th Street Bridge Closure)

We all knew it was coming and it’s almost here. Are YOU prepared? Will it affect you? You know, it kind of feels like an apocalypse is about to begin, especially if you listen to some of the conversations around town. I admit, it will make my life a tad more difficult.

So, the week of September 23rd is when it all starts....When Traffic Hell arrives in Owen Sound. Yes,...we have heard about it for months....the 10th Street bridge reconstruction will begin, causing frustration and chaos. Okay,...that sounds dramatic. But, mark my words. We live in a small city, surrounded by smaller communities. This is big news. And, it will BE a huge deal for a lot of people. People from the “big city” may be used to a 2 hour commute....but, here...5 extra minutes is an inconvenience.

We have certainly had our fair share & taste of Road Closures this summer. Closures mean delays and impatient drivers. Oh, I’m no angel. I get it. I understand. ( name is Donna and I have passive aggressive road rage.) But, I used to be a patient girl and I plan to practice patience once again. There really is no need for road rage. This work needs to get done and it isn’t the fault of our fellow drivers. On that note, try to be mindful of your fellow drivers. No yelling, no honking, no bumper cars.

Here are some things to remember:

1 - Stay cool. We need the reconstruction of the bridge. And, may take longer than the expected forecasted time of completion.

2 - On Monday, Sept. 23rd, two bus routes will be redirected,....BROOKE and the CORE routes. They will obviously need to bypass the road closure. More information and a map can be found on the city website at

3 - Parking has been REMOVED along sections of 8th Street & 9th Street to create an additional lane. (I notice that people are still parking in this lane. Old habits die hard.)

4 - The city mentions that additional parking has been created in the curb lanes along 10th Street East between 2nd Avenue East & 3rd Avenue East.

5 - If you are like me (live on one side, work on the other side...or, work downtown) you will need to allow yourself some extra time to travel through the downtown core. The “traffic-was-heavy” excuse may not work with your boss at this point. <— Brandon Vanderschot, you did not just read that!

6 - Please continue to support our downtown businesses. They are important to our city.

7 - MOVE OVER (as safely as possible) for EMERGENCY VEHICLES. You would want them arriving sooner rather than later if it were you. Someone’s life could depend on it. So please...make yourself familiar with the LAW, and be courteous. When you see the lights or hear the sirens, you must move over to the right side of the road. You CAN be ticketed. And, rightly so. It is law. Move over!

8 - It will all come to an end eventually. It is what it will be & you will appreciate it when it is done. Again, you can find more info at

Be patient, drive safe, leave sooner, smile & crank up the tunes. No beep-beeps, please. Oh,...make sure that gas tank is full. You know, just in case.

- Donna