"Bear" to the right...

I had the most amazing, heart-raising experience happen to me just the other day. Literally, I could feel my heart rise. It skipped a beat. Eek!

What do these names have in common? —> Rupert, Cindy, Sugar, Paddington, Little John, Berenstain, Smokey, Baloo, Fozzie, Yogi, Boo-Boo & Winnie-the-Pooh? Bears! Yes,....famous bears.

After a long day of work and errands, I was heading down Nichol’s Gully road just west of Owen Sound. My vehicle was the first in a line of traffic coming from the Sunset Strip. I had just rounded the corner, so I was actually in the Township of Georgian Bluffs.

Now, coming from the East Coast & country living, I subconsciously watch for animals on the side of the road and ditches. Luckily, I do! Otherwise, I would have had to schedule a visit to the Body Shop. And, not to mention the fact that I would have been EXTREMELY upset if I had hit the bear (injured or killed) with my truck. That would have been devastating.

So, yeah! I saw a bear and it was an amazing feeling. As I turned the corner, I noticed movement on the right. Mr. Bear jumped out of the bushes with a hop. No exaggerating. It almost looked like he was chasing a butterfly. He was so darn cute. He wasn’t huge, but large enough. [Could have been a female, but it just seemed like a young male. Let’s just go with that.]

The bear did not look up. He was on a mission. Obviously, he must have known I was there. As I said, he jumped from the side bush (tall grass) and hopped across the street. Well, it must have been the “bear run” but it looked like hopping. I did not have to stop....only slow down. He was beautiful! He definitely was not my first encounter,....I have seen many bears in my lifetime. But, he was my first in Owen Sound. And, he was beautiful. Majestic, even.

Although he may not be famous, he will be in my memory forever. I have decided to call him Nick. Nick the Bear from Nichol’s Gully. I hope we meet again, and I hope it is a friendly meeting. Needless to say, I will not be taking selfies with a bear.

As a I wrap this up, I leave you with this message: Please watch for animals when driving. Not only will you save a life (possibly yours)....you’ll also save the hassle of repairing vehicle damage. Be safe on the roads, and have a BEARy wonderful day!

- Donna