Here Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

This weekend is Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks. And, to eat lots of delicious food.

So, when & what is Thanksgiving? This year it takes place on Monday, Oct 14th and it is a time which celebrates the harvest and other blessings of the past year. A time to celebrate with family.

Thanksgiving was first observed as an annual event in Canada on Nov 6, 1879. It was on Jan 31st, 1957 that Parliament proclaimed the observance on the 2nd Monday in October. I must not forget to mention that Indigenous peoples in Canada have a history of celebrating the fall harvest long before the arrival of European settlers.

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? How do you celebrate? What do you eat? What are your traditions? What makes “Thanksgiving” Thanksgiving for you? I went to social media and also spoke to a few people in the area on their thoughts. Here are the results from a small group who participated :)

A must is Apple pie and buns. The son agreed on buns, but argued that it must be pumpkin pie.
Another person I spoke with is Vegan. Their dinner consists of veggies, except for a small meat dish for the parents.
Someone else mentioned a family gathering....travelling to be with family. Turkey is a must, along with his wife’s homemade cranberry sauce.
One gal mentioned that she is thankful for friends & family. Any kind of food suits, she says, when you are sharing with others.
Thankful for health, family & friends, near and far. Gotta be Turkey with all the trimmings and she gets the leg. Homemade cranberry sauce and stuffing, too.
One lady said she is damn thankful for her daughter’s life (I am secretly thankful she survived, as well.) She is Thankful for our health care system, and all of the Country Music Family. Her family spends thanksgiving at the Cottage with a warm traditional dinner....turkey & all the trimmings.

When I first moved to Owen Sound with my young boys...we had no one around, as far as blood relatives. But, I had made friends with other people not originally from here & we got together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was wonderful and I am thankful I had the experience of meeting so many interesting people this way.

Myself,...I am thankful & grateful for so much! My life, my boys, my partner, my family (including extended), my friends, my crazy rambunctious pups, my job & fun co-workers, my warm home, our beautiful Country, bountiful food, the nature around us....the list goes on and on. I may not have everything I would like, but I am RICH in what I do have. For that, I am thankful!

Our dinner traditions....hmmm,...TURKEY, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, potatoes with Summer savoury, turnips (or, rutabagas, to be precise) & carrots mashed together, butternut squash, cucumber, dill pickles, olives, tomatoes, sometimes yams, pickled beets, buns AND pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Sometimes we stray from this formula and the meals vary. Most importantly is celebrating with family, and sometimes friends.

To my East Coast family (and friends)...I will miss you this year, once again. I am very thankful that you are my kin...and, my friends that have been friends as tots. We just have that bond.

To my Owen Sound fam-jam....see you this weekend. I am so very thankful that we can celebrate together. No guarantee on the Turkey.

And, to Brandon Vanderschot. You are a fantastic, young entrepreneur who has it all-put-together-just-right. Thank you for helping a friend in need and giving me a chance at doing what I love.

And, finally but not least.....YOU. To you the Reader,....may your tummy be full, your face full of laughter, your body warm & your heart content. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Now,....somebody pass the Turkey! .....please :)