My Blue Christmas

In case you missed it in my previous story,...I Love Christmas! I love the music, the decorations, family traditions, the giving of presents, the food & drinks, family recipes, the TV shows & movies, the lights, and the festivities. I even love the snowflakes falling and clouding everything in white (of course, it can end on Boxing Day - I’m still a Summer lover.) Oh...I can’t forget...I love the gathering of family!

My family gatherings have changed quite a bit since 2003. I have relied on extended family and friends to celebrate. Thankfully, I have my 2 boys and my partner. But, in my 16 years of living in Owen Sound, I have only been back East once to celebrate Christmas. That was back in 2007.
Oh, we are not “fighting...disconnected...estranged...or in discord.” No, No! I mean...we are a normal family that have our differences & disagreements, but, I love my family! They mean EVERYTHING to me. Just being around them brings me need for words. It just has not been possible to get back.

Soooo,...when I saw the Heels family with their beautiful baby....Santa reading “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” for them....well, um...I felt a glitch in my heart. Oh, how I immediately rushed back into the past with my emotions pounding down on me. You know that feeling...when you get that “catch” in your throat. Yup! That feeling.
It isn’t that Owen Sound or Ontario has not been good to me. I have been very fortunate! But, it just isn’t the same when you are 1513.6 kilometres away from family on such a special occasion. Someday, I hope to share our family craziness and traditions with “the guy.”

Speaking of traditions...every year I make my Mom lonesome. You’d think she would be used to it by now. I know...I know...bad daughter. I’ll end up on the “Naughty List” again this year. Thing is,...I end up feeling lonely, too. So, how does this happen? Well, my Mom is like me and loves all things Christmas. She likes the song Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley. I like the song, too — Call me a sucker for punishment. Each year, I post a video clip of the song on her Facebook timeline to let her know that I am thinking of her, miss her & feel the same way she does...loving Christmas, but missing those now gone or far away. I post, I listen, then I end up crying, too. (<— Only because I miss my Mom & the family.)

Back to the Heels family. I thank them for allowing me to share their wonderful moment with Santa. I think it is fantastic that they are bringing a touch of “magic” into their child’s life. Cherish those memories! Our children grow-up way too fast!

Sometimes, family can’t be together for those special moments, for whatever reason. And, sometimes there IS discord. Don’t let that break your spirit.
My wish for all of you (as Christmas approaches) is...I hope you never have a Blue Christmas. I hope you reach out to family. (Remember, sometimes family is not necessarily a blood relative.) I hope you spend the holidays together. I hope you celebrate old & make new traditions!

Like I said, cherish all the good moments! Cheers!

- Donna