Happy New Year in 3....2....1

Apparently, we humans have been making Resolutions for some 4000 years or so. Looks like we truly want to make change in our lives. The history behind it is interesting. I would highly recommend heading to history.com and reading about the history of New Year Resolutions.

The ancient Babylonians used to make promises to the gods to pay their debts and return any objects they have borrowed. If they kept their word, good favour would come their way. Nowadays, a lot of us would be in a “whole lot of trouble” with our “gods.” These days, though, those resolutions are made to ourselves...a lot safer that way, don’t you think?! Well, yes & no.

You see,...they (those that study Resolutions?) say that only 8% of North Americans are successful with their goals that they proclaim on the big day. No...not your Wedding Day. The first day of the new year. Why? Why only 8%? You would think we’d get it right after 4000 years of practice?! Oh, I know what you are thinking....who cares?! Ya make ‘em, ya break ‘em!

Well, for one, it is a tradition for MANY people and has stayed alive for ....well.... 4000 years. And, second, for a lot of us...failure can break our spirit, which in turn brings us down with everything else in life.

So, question is...do you make a New Year’s Resolution?
I posed the question on social media and it was about 50/50 for both yay & nay. For the most part, I have not. I love to ring the New Year in, but, I am not one to make a promise that I know I will not keep. So many circumstances can set you up for failure. Here is an example; you could compare this scenario to me: a Dog is walking in a beautiful forest when...SQUIRREL!!! Omg!!!!! Where? Where? Where? Where?! — Yes, my attention-span is an adrenaline seeker, so-to-speak. Some call it spontaneous. Regardless, it can set you up for failure and I hate failure. (Yes, it is a learning tool in life, but I still despise it.)

Some resolutions that most people make;
Be a better person
Lose weight
Exercise more
Spend less money
Become healthier
Find a job or better job
Quit smoking
I have been guilty of choosing one or two of these. All I can say is, before proclaiming to the world that you will lose x-amount of weight or quit smoking...make sure that your goals aren’t too big. Too high. Impossible. Make your goals realistic and choose small steps rather than leaps. You, also, need to choose something you truly want. And, for the love of Pete (whoever he is) watch your wording. Lost weight can be found. I prefer to “shed” my extra pounds.

I would like to thank my friend, Kelly Babcock, for writing such an awesome article. I can totally relate to it. Your wording IS important when making that resolution. This is the type of example he gave...

Instead of saying: I am going to lose weight.
Try this: I am going to work on losing weight.
Or, in my case: I am going to work on shedding weight. ;)
( You can read his article at http://ascribewriters.com/the-end-is-nigh/ )

For me, my resolution as we move forward into 2020 will be to not make a resolution. It’s the same one each year....less stress that way. I am simply going to “work” on me.
Work on eating healthier
Work on shedding pounds
Work on patience
Work on reading more novels
Work on saving to travel
You get the idea. I will be a “Work in Progress.”

While we’re at it, let me pass along a list of 8 things to Quit in 2020. (No pressure.)
Trying to please everyone.
Fearing change.
Living in the past.
Being afraid to be different.
Sacrificing your happiness for others.
Thinking you’re not good enough.
AND, 8. Thinking you have no purpose.

With that, open your eyes as we head into 2020...a year of vision. Happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy, joyful 2020!
We’ll “chat” next year ;)
PS: The Roaring 20’s are back!