Ok, Let's start with the obvious

For me it’s all about real estate. For those considering a move, know there are many ways to go about it. Investing in anything can be a daunting process, and these days, you can invest in just about anything. Regardless of your philosophies and experience, finding what just feels right is entirely up to you. Of course due diligence is critical, and finding that diamond in the rough can be extremely rewarding.

When considering investments in real estate, often the first thing that comes to mind is simply purchasing a rental property. As a semi-passive approach to investing, this can be lucrative, but as with anything does not come without risk. Take the time to fully understand what will be expected and be realistic when calculating maintenance and other costs when looking at the overall returns.

For those not quite ready to commit on this level, there are several other options to consider which provide returns investing in real estate. Options to look at include renting a portion of your existing home, purchasing a multi- family property and occupying one of the units personally, investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), partnering on a larger project by investing with others, or even possibly buying a property to flip.

Based in Owen Sound, and working throughout the Grey Bruce region, I have personally dealt with clients in each of these real estate scenarios over the years as broker here at Brand Realty Group. Regardless of your preferences, doing what feels right for you is always number one, and a process that should never be rushed.

So let me know, what are your thoughts? If you’ve been considering making a move to real estate investments, it’s good to know your options. It may not be for everyone, but it’s something I’m always happy to discuss. Residential homes, commercial investments, farms, or recreational properties, I’ve covered them all, and each can be lucrative and fulfilling both as a lifestyle and as an investment. Call me. Let’s grab a coffee and chat.