Following a recent article in one of our national papers, it seems as though FOMO has once again crept back into the real estate market narrative. For years now we have watched as real estate buyers in larger neighbouring cities have been gripped by the “fear of missing out” as potential home owners scramble to get into an already overinflated and hypersensitive buying frenzy while sellers cash in. And while this has certainly led to increased values in our area of Owen Sound and the surrounding Grey Bruce communities, we have seen a much more tempered and disciplined regional growth. Supported by strength including local infrastructure investments, developments, and jobs, we have without doubt, seen unprecedented growth as well. So what are buyers, debating entering the real estate market, or sellers needing to exit or downsize their homes to do? Though trends appear to be strong and real estate prices show few signs of slowing down, disruptions in real estate markets will surely continue. Worrying needlessly is never useful, but contemplating outcomes and being realistic about your controls over them can be essential. If you’d like to discuss or get further insights into the local real estate market, remember, I’m always happy to chat. Give me a call and let’s see what moves could be right for you.