Insights...from home

So like most, I have been spending some time at home recently, which to say the least, has been an interesting time to reflect. Although not necessarily by choice, the events we are currently living will without a doubt lead to one of the largest social shifts of my generation. Yet, it makes me wonder, who will we be coming out of this? Who will I be? We all know who we were going into this, however, coming out we will be faced with significant choices and options. This is our opportunity to have a meaningful impact on not only our personal lives, but also in the type of world in which we choose to live. Having learned to do without many of the things we thought were essential, how willing will we be to change our behaviours and views? Our sense of priorities are being challenged daily and it has forced us to focus value on what really matters.

So remember, this too will pass and things will return to normal. But challenge yourself to ask what normal could  look like when we emerge? What is it that we really value, and what we protected when all we had were our thoughts and plans of what is yet to come.

Stay safe everyone and let’s all do our part while we get through this together. Stay home, indulge in each other's company, and learn to enjoy what we have. At the other end, when you are ready, I will be as well.

Chat soon

- Brandon