We Are Living History….

Though it seems we are stuck at home, let’s take a moment to realize that we are, in fact, living through history. How will you remember this time?

In the years that follow, children will study the life and times of Covid-19. They will learn how the simpler things gave us joy, how a rainbow gave us hope, and how the people came together to celebrate those who saved lives and kept our communities safe. They will hear of a time when the world slowed down, skies cleared, and animals reclaimed the streets. How children stayed home from school as parents became teachers, and we all went a little crazy stockpiling toilet paper and pasta, as we struggled to maintain some sense of control over our lives.

It will be seen as a time when our children came to learn of the life lived by generations past, where families sat down for dinners together, hung out, and played games with each other. Where people actually knew their neighbours, took the time to chat, and to help one other out.

This is a time where we can embrace the everyday qualities of life that were forgotten long ago, to enjoy them….for when this is all over, it too may be forgotten. These are special moments, take a deep breath, enjoy the fresh air, and stay good to those around you.

Yesterday is forgotten and tomorrow unknown, but today…..today is a gift. How will you remember it?

- Brandon