February 2020


Posted on Feb 18, 2020

Following a recent article in one of our national papers, it seems as though FOMO has once again crept back into the real estate market narrative. For years now we have watched as real estate buyers in larger neighbouring cities have been gripped by the “fear of missing out” as potential home owners scramble to get into an already overinflated and...

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Meet Mall-Tree Norm

Posted on Feb 06, 2020

It’s surprising how many people “shake hands” with this tree. ‘He’ gets a lot of stares.....a LOT of, “Is it real?!” Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t stop to admire him, and touch the drooping branches. It really is quite amazing. This tree is soooo under-the-radar popular, that people don’t even realize they are gazing at a celebrity.

I’m goi...

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