August 2019

Preparing your Owen Sound Home for Winter

Posted on Aug 31, 2019

Owen Sound is famous for its chilly and freezing temperatures in the winter months, the main thing is be aware enough to have your home prepared well in advance of the winter. 


With a winter like this, the first think you should think of is your furnace. Preparing the furnace is the most important thing, such as replacement of the filter, c...

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Where Ghosts Roam the Street..

Posted on Aug 29, 2019

How could I miss it, yet again? Somehow, I did....even with fair warning. It’s ghastly! 

For those who do not know me, I LOVE ghost stories. Not sure why because within me lives a chicken shhhhh....
I have been meaning to participate in the Billy Bishop Ghost Walks for awhile now. I really, honestly thought that this was going to be the year, but, oop...

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Let’s get Pawsitive!!

Posted on Aug 26, 2019

Today is National Dog Day in Canada. It is a time to celebrate our furry canines, mixed and pure, and help to encourage adoption. That’s what it’s all about. A day for your bfff (best furry friend forever). A day against any kind of breed ban. 

This special day was founded back in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert, as well as...

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Eco Kitchen Updates

Posted on Aug 23, 2019

The modern days has seen a significant change in the designs of houses being built. A lot of incredible features have been included in the latest model and people from all over the world have been very first towards ensuring that they are up to date with these new updates. Unfortunately, most of these updates do not suit an already existing house l...

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Can we “lure” you to the 32nd Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular?!

Posted on Aug 22, 2019

Every year, 31 to be exact, members of the Sydenham Sportsmen’s Association has brought us a fabulous event called the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular. This year marks their 32nd. It is a fishing derby in hopes of raising funds for conservation, awareness, introducing the sport of fishing, catching new recruits, and free entertainment. Besides, it is...

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Let's Folk-it Up this weekend!

Posted on Aug 15, 2019


Once again, it is that time of year where Owen Sounders get ready to Folk-It-Up with other music lovers around the world. Often referred to as “summer is almost done” and “clouds are here in time for Summerfolk”...large crowds show their true spirit and arrive (campers included) no matter what the weather.

For 44 years, art...

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