Introducing our Newest Real Estate Rockstar....

Posted on Aug 15, 2020

Introducing our newest Real Estate Rockstar, Robin Currie!

Robin joins Brand Realty Group with an extensive real estate background and experience in regional economic development. Residents of the Balmy Beach area, Robin and her husband Rob are the owners/operators of Grey- Bruce Plumbing in Georgian Bluffs, and when not working, can be found explor...

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We Are Living History….

Posted on Jun 22, 2020

Though it seems we are stuck at home, let’s take a moment to realize that we are, in fact, living through history. How will you remember this time?

In the years that follow, children will study the life and times of Covid-19. They will learn how the simpler things gave us joy, how a rainbow gave us hope, and how the people came together to celebrate...

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Curbside Service....We Got This

Posted on Apr 29, 2020

So here we are, collectively locked up as we anxiously await what will be a return to normal. Yet the longer this goes on, the more we begin to realize that since this pandemic has us on pause, we are forced to look at the future. We are about to enter a landscape where the new normal awaiting us is simply an accelerated version of an evolutionary...

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March 2020 Market Stats

Posted on Apr 16, 2020

Curious what is going on in the market?

The stats are hot off the press! Let us know what you think!

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House Shopping Through a Pandemic

Posted on Apr 03, 2020

Boy, sure has changed within a few short months. Our way of living has vanished right before our eyes, leaving us standing with our mouths wide open...and, alone.

New words have been thrown into our vocabulary...
Novel Coronavirus, Covid-19, social distancing, physical distancing, TP Hoarding, global pandemic, flatten the curve, plank the curv...

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Insights...from home

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

So like most, I have been spending some time at home recently, which to say the least, has been an interesting time to reflect. Although not necessarily by choice, the events we are currently living will without a doubt lead to one of the largest social shifts of my generation. Yet, it makes me wonder, who will we be coming out of this? Who will I...

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